Organic Geometry Bespoke Furniture Makers

Luxury bespoke furniture in wood.  Each piece we make is custom-designed to your exact desire.  All our furniture is handmade in our workshop in East Lothian, Scotland.

Oak Bookcases with cupboards

Bespoke side tables hand made in Scotland from solid walnut and Scottish sycamore.

Truly Bespoke Furniture

Oak Bookcases with cupboards Take a look around the gallery of recent commissions, get a feel for what we do and by all means get in touch.  What we offer is truly bespoke furniture, custom designed for you.  It’s more than just a choice of, say, handles or timber.  Each commission begins with a blank sheet of paper and a conversation with you.  We might start with “What would you like?”  “What do you need?”  “Did you have something quite specific in mind or do you want us to draft up some concept sketches?”  “Would you like us to design something that fits with some other pieces you already have?”  “Would you like us to sketch some simple, functional pieces, or something truly fabulous!”

Our woodworking methods use the best of all available techniques, from heritage to innovative, but our values are all traditional:

High quality materials
High quality craftsmanship
Personal service.

Personal Service

When you are discussing your commission you will be talking to the actual person who will design and handmake your bespoke furniture.

Oak kitchen with mobile island Founded by Alasdair Easton, graduate of the Chippendale International School of Furniture and winner of a Scottish Furniture Makers’ Association award.  Alasdair designs and handmakes all the pieces in his workshop in East Lothian.

Check the gallery for some examples of recent commissions.  You’ll find tables, chairs, bookcases, complete kitchens and more.  If you’d like to get in touch, feel free.  You’ll find all the details you need on our Contact page.